The Dreamcast is indisputably one of the greatest consoles of all time. It only lived for three years yet packed more innovation into its brief lifespan than some game-playing machines produce in twice that time. Sega was at their creative height during the Dreamcast years, producing lovingly quirky titles like 1999’s Space Channel 5.

It’s always nice to see characters from Sega’s Dreamcast years return. Shenmue’s Ryo reappeared not too long ago and now Ulala, the pink-haired star of Space Channel 5, is being revisited in the form of Space Channel 5 VR – Kinda Funky News Flash! for Playstation VR.

Like the original, this is a dance rhythm game where you bust moves to the beat (in-game, this is necessary to ward off alien invaders). The difference here is that, in VR, they expect you to actually dance. Shake your groove thing using the Playstation Move controllers and defeat the Morolians…and maybe shed a few pounds; the game has a built-in calorie counter.

  • Story Mode: Join Channel 5 as a rookie reporter alongside Ulala
  • Arcade: Play an introductory mode recommended for VR beginners
  • Trial Dance: Play 100 dances in a row in this exercise and endurance mode
  • Viewing: Watch the story again through a third person perspective and multiple camera angles
  • Friendopedia: View character biographies
  • Dressing Room: Change Ulala’s outfits as you unlock them through the game
  • Calories: Track the calories burnt during gameplay

Space Channel 5 VR – Kinda Funky News Flash! will be released for Playstation VR February 25.

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