We still don’t know how much the Playstation 5 will cost, or the exact date it will go on sale, but we do know when you’ll be able to preorder it…sort of. Sony opened a mysterious waiting list today on its Playstation Direct store that doesn’t guarantee a Playstation 5, but gives the vague promise of having the chance to get one. A “preorder for a preorder,” basically.

If you are selected, you will eventually be sent an E-mail from Sony containing a link to the product, and the time limit for your chance to preorder the following (note that you don’t have to take ALL these items):

  • 1 PS5 Console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2 DualSense wireless controllers
  • 2 DualSense charging stations
  • 2 Pulse 3D wireless headsets
  • 2 Media remotes
  • 2 HD Cameras

Not everyone who signs up will be given the chance, and it doesn’t appear to be a random drawing either. The most perplexing part of the FAQ is the explanation for Sony’s selection criteria: it’s based on “previous interests and Playstation activities,” whatever that means. Maybe it’s their way of saying your chances will increase greatly if you have a popular YouTube or Twitch channel.

Like we said, we still don’t know what the sticker price of the Playstation 5 is. Hopefully it’s not 599 US DOLLARS, but if you take the chance, you’ll have to be prepared. There will of course be other ways to obtain a PS5 before the holiday season, but we don’t anticipate any of them to be easier.