In America, video game collectors are nutso for super-limited-edition Amiibo and rare 3DS designs. In Japan, the most coveted item of the moment is the Anniversary Edition of the PS4, of which only 12,300 were made. It’s got a custom silver finishing and a special brand in the bottom right corner celebrating Playstation’s 20th anniversary, as well as a unique production line number on each. The controller is also different.

All chances of buying one (for regular price at least) have evaporated, so Sony announced a contest for the distribution of the remaining units. Between December and January, if any consumer purchased a PS3, a PS4, a Vita or a Playstation TV, they would receive a calendar with a unique code. If they then submitted that code, they would be instantly eligible for the rarest PS4 of all. Yes, they expected you to buy a PS4 to win a PS4, but some collectors know no boundaries of sense.

Of the codes that were sent in, Sony plucked 123 and prepared to award them the special PS4s. Then, uh, they kinda erased the list. Apparently, for unclear reasons, they can’t just pick 123 new ones — they have to start the contest over again.

Sony has asked those who still have a calendar code to resubmit theirs. If you threw your code away, it’s still possible to re-enter, but it’s more involved: you have to send in your console’s serial number instead, and then Sony has to verify that a model with that number was purchased within the contest’s time frame. No new entries are being allowed, and the number that respond a second time will probably be lower, so everyone who made a purchase just to get this machine now stands a higher chance of winning one.

But still. Imagine buying a PS4 and being shut out of winning a PS4. Just what are you supposed to do?

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