Today Sony Launched SOCOM Mobile HQ, which is a free Android App to help you stay connected to the world of Socom. With this app your able to view your career progress, along with tracking the online leader boards and other clans. Hit the jump for additional information.

    -Prove your tactical discipline and combat skills by accepting our challenges, gaining experience and badges that represent your cunning and perseverance.
    -Plan and track your advancement by studying challenge history and leaderboards. Watch your experience climb as successive rounds push you further.
    -Review your career profile to see vital SOCOM 4 stats and rank advancement potential. Compare your progress to those around you.
    -Stay in contact with SOCOM 4 news and events by accessing the official Blog.
    -Use our convenient clan and friends features to check stats and whereabouts of your friends in the PlayStation network.
    -Share your experience and progress via Facebook through our social networking feature.

You can view the rest over on the Playstation Blog