Smile, They say a Smile put your sorrows away but this time your life too


Smile is a simple facial gesture that can make us feel everything is alright. Our brain produces neuropeptides with this simple facial gesture. It helps us fight stress by releasing feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. I grew up hearing songs about how this simple grin will manifest happiness in our lives.

The Smile we talk about this time is the title of an upcoming horror movie. It was initially titled “Something is Wrong with Rose,” but the final title is more straightforward and has more kick.

Written and directed by Parker Finn, This is his first full-length picture after doing some notable short films like Laura Hasn’t SleptUsually, when somebody smiles at us, It makes us feel good because it is like a hug that gives us warm fuzzy feelings, but a grin can also be unsettling. A stranger smiling at us can be creepy and uncomfortable.

Smile Official Trailer

A Psychologist will end up asking for Psychological help!

Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) is a Psychologist who has been helping patients deal with their inner demons. She didn’t expect to deal with a literal demon.

A disturbed patient asked for her help because she saw someone who smiled at her and didn’t leave her alone. Right in her front, The patient died. Did she commit suicide, or is she taken away by the smiling entity she talks about?

Dr.Cotter discovered that her patient who had encounters with the smiling apparition died within a week. Her Survival rate is minuscule because the people who had this encounter are in a state of a total dirt nap.
Rose is in a race against time because somebody smiles at her wherever she goes. Before succumbing to the madness, she must deal with her past trauma. You can catch Smile in theaters this September 30, 2022.