Six New Stranger Things 4 Screenshots To Chew On


T-minus 17 days until we get the extremely long missing episodes from Season 4 of Stranger Things. According to recent comments from the Duffers, the delay isn’t Netflix holding the episodes on purpose — they’re really still in the editing bay. A handful of screens were published today from episodes Eight and Nine. I’ll just say right up that they reveal almost nothing about where we last left the characters, with one exception…which I’ll point out when we get to it.

For instance, THIS screen is totally useless. You could have told me this was taken from a Season 4A episode and I’d believe you. Anyway, she’s spent enough time in that underground tube and needs to get out of there.

Some people were complaining that it was a “plot hole” that young El could speak full sentences in the flashback. They were ignoring the much, much larger plot hole where the government just discovered her location in California and, at the same time, is blaming her for murders that just happened in Indiana. Come on, no court will convict her.

Eddie Munson has been FRAMED FOR MURDER by BOTH an evil overlord from another dimension AND an angry, anti-D&D jockhead! Can he beat the rap with the help of his new friends?

This is the screen that reveals one new bit of information. Can you find it? I’ll wait.

Yep….that’s Nancy on the far left, which means she gets out of the Upside Down okay…not that it was likely she wouldn’t.

Stranger Things has yet to truly let me down, but I have to admit keeping Hopper in a Russian prison for the majority of the season wasn’t the best of their ideas. Wherever he, Joyce, Crazy Murray and the other dude are now, I hope it’s not still in the gulag. Also, boy do they have some surprises waiting for them when they get home.

I don’t know what’s more depressing: the fact that Mike, Will and Jonathan’s entire arc this season can be summed up in this screenshot, or the inevitable scene that I am dreading with Will.

WILL: Mike, I have a confession to make…I’m gay.
MIKE: Well gee, no kidding. What took you so long? Everyone already figured that out. You were barely in the closet! Let’s get you a boyfriend while there are still episodes left for your character growth–
WILL: No, you don’t understand! I’m gay for YOU, Mike! I love you, Mike! I–
MIKE: WHAT?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? IS THAT SERIOUSLY WHAT THE WRITERS STUCK YOU WITH?? I’m the most unavailable person on this entire show! You have a crush on the extremely Het LOVE INTEREST OF THE MAIN CHARACTER??
WILL: I’m sorry…
MIKE: Don’t be sorry, I’M sorry! Sorry that the Duffer Brothers apparently hate you so much! What did you do to them anyway? You spend Season 1 kidnapped, you spend Season 2 possessed, and now this? Practically everyone else on this show has a soulmate, even Dustin, but YOU get THIS?
WILL: You know what, you’re right…when we find El, let’s all beat a path to Hollywood and kick their asses–
MIKE: Georgia. The show is filmed in Georgia.
WILL: Right, well, we beat them in Georgia then.

This screen of Max and Lucas sitting in a darkened room lit by two bug zappers is the only one that doesn’t feel like a place we’ve seen before. Wonder what they’re doing there. The remaining four hours of Stranger Things Season 4 will be uploaded to Netflix July 1.

SHAMELESS PLUG CORNER: If you don’t want to wait that long, check out STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 1/2, the fan comic I started back in 2019 and have just picked back up recently. It’s quite long by now, but the climax is shaping up to be fantastic.