When you think of indie game success stories, Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight usually comes first to mind. The team took the classic gameplay from DuckTales and other NES titles and resurrected it anew, creating a new iconic character that has made cameos in dozens of other games now. Standing out in the crowded indie game scene isn’t an easy task, and depends a LOT on luck, but Yacht Club pulled it off and Shovel Knight is high-quality enough to deserve the hype.

The original game has been out for years, though, and people have wondered if there’s ever going to be a sequel. Yacht Club seems content with just updating and re-updating the original with extra features. This latest announcement is no different, but this time they swear it’s the last update, and they’re working on a spinoff…which isn’t exactly a sequel, but good enough.

A new campaign called King of Cards and a multiplayer mode called Showdown will be added to Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, the definitive version of the game. The rest of the updates amount to tweaks and accommodations….some extra languages, a new “They/Them” pronoun option, etc. This final update hits in December, and to prove that they won’t be adding anything else, Yacht Club is releasing Treasure Trove in physical form. Preorders will open soon.

So what about that new game? It’s called Shovel Knight Dig, and it’ll require ol’ SK to use his main weapon for the function it was intended for. Levels are vertical and require digging through large mounds of dirt, with plenty of enemies and bosses in the way. The game has been in development for about a year, and currently has no release date.