Steam Early Access has been a boon to many titles who have used the service to get better through gamer interaction. And now, Iceberg Interactive have announced that their title Shortest Trip To Earth will be coming to Steam Early Access on September 9th. The game is a starship roguelike simulator, one that will take you through the reaches of the universe in order to reach Earth. But it won’t be so simple, for like every roguelike, the worlds and universes you are trying through are procedurally generated, so every voyage is different.

You’ll need to make sure that you survive, as not only are you traveling through the unknown reaches of space, you’ll be going by planets full of lifeforms that either will or won’t like you. In the case of the former, you’ll need to make sure your ship is prepared for real-time combat that will test your preparation and battle skills.

Shortest Trip To Earth also gives you options via special text events, these illustrated events will give you choices that will affect your journey.

As with all Steam Early Access games, the feedback you give the developers will help them make the game better, and as such, be better when it gets a full launch.

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