Ship of Heroes is trying to be a very different kind of MMORPG. Learning from the past to make a special future, the game wants to give players freedom across all aspects of the game. From the way your characters look, to their power sets, to where you go to get missions, and naturally, the missions themselves, all is designed to be different from past superhero MMORPGs. Today, the team behind the game have unveiled their new mission map via a video.

In it, you’ll see a comparison of how the map used to look and how it looks now. You’ll see it has more of a sci-fi look that reflects modern superhero films. The team is very proud of how the new mission map looks, and hopes it proves that nothing is too big or too small for them to go back and revisit in order to make it better.

Ship of Heroes is scheduled to arrive in 2019. You can check out the new video below.

“The first Ship of Heroes mission map has now been significantly upgraded. Many textures are improved, we’ve added numerous props with more of a science fiction flair, and the general complexity of the level is higher. This map is now fully upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.18 standards, as well.”