it won’t be long until the closed beta for Ship of Heroes commences. The sign-up to test the Character Creator Tool (CCT) closed on the 15th, but basically, anybody who donated at least $50 to the project before then will have beta access. The test starts November 1.

Ship of Heroes is an upcoming MMO that’s a lot like City of Heroes, except it takes place on a ship. You ride the ship to various locales, beat up the bad guys in every city, and then travel to the next one. Ship of Heroes has been conducting alpha and beta tests since 2017. Today the game’s developers, Heroic Games, published their second developer video, showing off the improvements they’ve made and how powerful the CCT has become.

  • Ship of Heroes is showing their latest work in terms of improvements to the character creator in this newsletter, particularly with regard to the high variability of the faces, hair, skins, and bodies that can be created in their game.  A player can create anyone with their character creation tool.

  • This is the second internal development video that SoH has released – you can hear their lead dev speaking to the rest of the development team for most of the narration.  The use of internal video gives us an unfiltered view into the development process which is at the time quite funny but is also extremely unusual and transparent.

  • SoH has three main character models – male, female and big guy but each one can be massively customized.  In this newsletter, SoH shows just how powerful their character creation tool is, which explains why they are publishing multiple videos to cover all of its capabilities.  Although there are new costumes in the CCT since the last video showing it off, they are not showing them so as to leave some of the discovery for the CCT Beta itself.

  • Keen observers will note a couple of things that fall under a general philosophy.  Changing any element of a character can also change related elements. For example, changing the shape of the face can change the expression, and changing the hairstyle may require a player to adjust the coloring to get back to exactly what they had previously. It is advised by the developers that anyone who is using the CCT write down some ideas for what they want their character to look like before they begin or else they might lose track of their original idea.

  • The next big event which will be open to supporters is some kind of advanced Beta of the SoH character creator, currently planned for later in 2019.  The developers have said that the morphs shown today will be available in that Beta.

The current plan is to have an early version of Ship of Heroes ready to go for soft-launch in December 2020. The Character Creator Tool goes into beta November 1.

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