Sega continues to build up its SEGA AGES library for Switch with two new releases, Shinobi and Fantasy Zone.

The first game needs no introduction to those who remember the Genesis, as Shinobi and its sequels were ported to the console and were some of its most popular titles. This is the original arcade version of the sidescrolling platformer.

Ninjutsu master Joe Musashi returns in this classic side-scrolling platformer. He has been sent on a mission to single-handedly find and rescue all the children of the Oboro clan who have been kidnapped by a criminal syndicate known as ZEED. Utilize your sharp sword, shurikens, throwing knives, and even magic to defeat the enemy and free the hostages.

Second on the list is Fantasy Zone, something Genesis players might be less familiar with. Though shoot-em-ups were in bountiful supply on the console, there wasn’t much of the subgenre known as CUTE-em-ups….Sega did not localize many of them as they clashed with the “90s Attitude” they were trying to project in the USA. This is the original arcade version of Fantasy Zone, a shmup that packs fast-paced action in a bright pastel package.

A pioneer of the “cute ’em up” genre, Fantasy Zone tells a surprisingly bleak tale about the mighty space warrior Opa-Opa’s journey for revenge in a pastel-colored world. Defeat enemies to collect coins and power up Opa-Opa in order to rescue the world of Fantasy Zone in this exciting classic!

Shinobi and Fantasy Zone are both $7.99 on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop…and if you haven’t checked out the other SEGA AGES titles, there are some great ones already there.

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