Shazam Faces The Fury Of The Gods In New Trailer


WB hasn’t always known what it’s doing with the DC universe, but one of the few times they got it right was Shazam. It was the inverse of the grimdark Snyder movies they were known for at the time: a family-oriented comedic romp about a kid who finds a way to become a superhero when shouting a magic word. He turns into a muscle-padded Zachary Levi but still has the mentality of his child self, leading to a lot of wacky moments.

It’s been a long time since Warner Bros released the first Shazam movie, and there’s a major problem with that: its stars are all supposed to be kids. You can just pull a Stranger Things and pretend nothing happened, but that’s even harder here, as Billy Batson’s power lets him turn into a grown-up. As I’ve said before, eventually these movies are just going to be one adult turning into another adult.

Shazam was originally known as “Captain Marvel” and he found a way to share his powers with his family, leading to their own book “The Marvel Family” which sold quite well in the Golden Age. Obviously there’s a whole other company that has sole claim to the word “Marvel” now, so Shazam now has to go by the name everybody called him anyway even when it was incorrect. The ending to the first Shazam brought things into the “Marvel Family” era and now they can all become superheroes. With that many, they’re gonna need a real challenge to keep things interesting!

Enter the Daughters of Atlas: a group of controlling, despotic goddesses who are displeased with Billy and his family wielding such powers. They feel Shazam and the Batson family must be stopped, and unleash their fury on Earth! That should be enough to keep them busy for a movie’s length of time.

In addition to Levi, Fury of the Gods also features the return of Meagan Good, Jack Dylan Grazer, Adam Brody, Ross Butler, and Grace Fulton. Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu play the leaders of the Daughters of Atlas. Shazam: Fury of the Gods opens December 21.