Senior Year, A 17-year-old cheer Captain got a 20 year comatose from a Pyramid accident and woke up as a 37-year-old


Senior Year is a movie that will make you appreciate your Youth while it last. Rebel Wilson‘s weight loss finally booked her a role she used to not get early on in her career. The most popular girl in school. If Clueless and Never been kissed had a baby with 17 again, this could be their missing love child.Time runs fast, and we will never be young forever. If I can turn back time, I will enjoy my Youth and not be in a hurry to be an adult because adulthood is an inescapable prison.

Senior Year Official Trailer

You are a Cheer Captain, The most popular girl in school. It is 2002, and you have the perfect high school life. All you need to do to secure your legacy is to succeed in doing a Pyramid stunt. You will become a Prom Queen after doing that single stunt. Sadly things had gone bonkers because a freak accident from that cheer stunt led to you becoming comatose.

Twenty years of your life have been missing. You never knew a particular movie franchise got eight sequels since you have gone vegetable. Your favorite bands broke up, and the fashion that made you look stylish is now dated.

You Wake up, and it’s 2022, You are now 37 years old, and You don’t even know who Lady Gaga is. Waking up from Coma is like time traveling to the future, but there is no way you can return from the past.

Your age is pushing 40, but you are still a 17-year-old Cheer Captain deep inside. Even if you look like a fool because you will be the oldest person in the class, You want to finish high school.

High school has evolved, Wearing Abercrombie and Fitch, Being a cheer Captain, and a Backdoor slut won’t give you popularity anymore. Geek and Nerd Culture became mainstream, making the Cheering Squad obsolete. Senior Year will grace your screens on Netflix this May 13.