Note: I tried several times to do this with a dry, objective approach, but just couldn’t do it. Screw it, here’s my love letter.

Dear Veronica Mars,

Oh, Veronica Mars, how I love thee. You’re Nancy Drew from a broken home, with no fucks given now or ever. Your sarcasm sparkles like broken glass. You walk in beauty like the night, with a can of mace ready for anyone who gives you any shit.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people like me to keep you on TV, and after two-and-a-half seasons you were gone. On a cliffhanger.

But those painful memories are in the past, because geeks have Kickstarter now and we can get stuff that we want made for us, and all those people who would rather watch According to Jim or whatever can suck it. Your new movie is coming to theaters and simultaneously video on demand March 14, and I for one cannot wait to check in with you. That’s why I’m watching and rewatching this eight minute preview posted to Fandango.

Good to see you again, V.

Shawn Hopkins, Marshmallow