If you missed the first closed beta for Warhammer: Chaosbane, you’ve got a second chance. The second beta beings today for those who hold a preorder (and it’s not too late to get one and qualify). Here’s what you’ll find awaiting you:

  • Playable campaign: the first three missions of Act 2 taking place in Praag as well as Act 1, which takes place in a Nuln that has been improved and reworked using the feedback the players provided during the first beta phase.
  • Two new playable characters join the Imperial soldier and the High-Elf mage: the Dwarf slayer and the Wood-Elf archer.
  • Maximum level: 25
  • Cooperative mode with up to four players locally or online in order to test the synergy between the four classes

If you don’t have a beta code, you can at least experience fifty seconds of Warhammer: Chaosbane by watching the second beta launch trailer. Here are some of the environments you’re missing. But it won’t be long until the actual game itself comes out.

This second beta will be held from today until the 24th of April, at which point the servers will shut down until May 31. That’s when folks who bought the Digital Deluxe or Magnus Editions of the game will be cleared to play it, followed by everyone else four days later on June 4.