The Terminator Dark Fate panel at SDCC 2019 did not show off a new trailer (perhaps that’s coming later), but it did reveal two interesting facts about the film no one knew before.

  1. John Connor will be in the movie. Until now, there was speculation that John was dead in the movie’s current time frame, or something, because he hasn’t been shown in any footage, hasn’t been glimpsed in any set photos, and hasn’t even been mentioned in any official descriptions. But it turns out they were saving that one for SDCC: John’s in the movie.
  2. The John Connor we’ll be getting is the O.G. A different actor has played John in every subsequent movie after T2, but James Cameron is actually bringing back THE Edward “She’s gonna blow him away!” Furlong, who played the kid version of John in his first appearance. That’s awesome.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Cameron also confirmed he’s shooting for an R rating, a badge Terminator hasn’t worn since 1991. He then shared stories with the audience of star Linda Hamilton performing take after take of ad-libbed profanities just because she could. Cameron says, however, that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the one actor in the film without a potty mouth because “Robots don’t swear.” ….Which means he doesn’t remember that one T-800 “menu” scene from the original Terminator, which we can’t quote here.

Terminator Dark Fate opens in theaters November 1. By the way, you can stop worrying that Popgeeks will be putting up the trailer or any photos from that new CATS movie; we’re not that cruel.