Last year, when WB was just rolling out their DC Universe streaming service, they announced they were working on an animated Harley Quinn show — but there were other announcements that day and the Harley show was waaaaay down the line on their planned release list. We still don’t have a solid date for when this will be streamable, but as of now we have a much longer trailer.

Is anyone else a tad bit worried after seeing this? It feels like it’s trying too hard to be itself. The last time we had a cartoon where Harley swore, it was the direct-to-video feature Batman and Harley Quinn, which was a bit sophomoric and the critics didn’t like that. This looks to be twelve times that level. In addition, the animation feels very flat and weightless. A girl who swings a giant mallet needs weighty animation!

And did anyone tell Kaley Cuoco that Harley is supposed to have a New York accent? Doesn’t feel like it. Maybe the thought crossed their minds but “You can’t tell friggin’ Penny what to do — she’ll crush you like a bug!” I’ll tell you what WILL please me…if the theme song is actually the Mary Tyler Moore theme sung by Courtney Love. I played the trailer a second time just to hear that again.

As the trailer briefly bragged, Harley Quinn will have quite the lineup of voice talent surrounding Cuoco, including Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, Alan Tudyk as the Joker, and Giancarlo Esposito as Lex Luthor. The little guy with the giant head is Doctor Psycho, and if you had to guess who would be playing HIM, it couldn’t be anyone other than Tony Hale. Jason Alexander is also supposed to be in here somewhere — it feels like forever since he’s been in a cartoon. He used to be in every cartoon.

That’s Harley Quinn, coming to DC Universe probably next year.

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