When it comes to video games, there are many aspects that make a game great. Some of it is the visuals, some of it is the story, a lot of it is the gameplay, but just as important as those is the music. Without the music, and the focus on music, some absolute classics in gaming wouldn’t exist. And this includes music for the Spyro franchise. With Spyro Reignited coming out this year, many wondered what would, and wouldn’t, change. Well, one thing that won’t change is its composer.

At San Diego Comic-Con, during a Spyro panel about the upcoming remake of the trilogy, they revealed that original composer Stewart Copeland would be returning to make new music for the game. This would include a new theme song that he teased, and you can listen to below.

“Creating new music for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy has been incredibly fun and nostalgic for me,” said Stewart Copeland, acclaimed musician (The Police), film score writer and composer. “Seeing how the fans loved the original series and soundtrack was a very heart-warming experience 20 years ago, and being able to revisit that fun with the new game has brought things full circle. I can’t wait for players to hear the new intro title track and enjoy the option to play the remastered game to my original music when the trilogy arrives this fall. ‘Tiger Train’ includes some of my favorite themes from the original soundtrack, which I’m sure the Spyro faithful will appreciate!”