It’s been 8 years since the last true Mega Man game launched, but this October, the legendary franchise returns with an all-new coat of paint. Mega Man 11 is set to bring many new things to the table, including a whole new visual style for the first time to the main series. And now, at San Diego Comic-Con, they’ve dropped a new trailer showing off the returning Torch Man.

Torch Man is easily one of the most classic villains in the Mega Man series, and was even featured in the animated series and the Battle Network series in three different forms. Seeing him back in the main series is no doubt going to be a big treat for fans.

Just as impressive though is the visual style for the game. The boss animations and attacks for Torch Man feel top notch, and it’s clear that Mega Man 11 will be maintaining the toughness of the original series while adding new twists on the formula.

Plus, Mega Man himself got to show off some new abilities, including being able to slow down time in order to get out of the way of some attacks.

You can watch the trailer below, Mega Man 11 arrives on November 2nd.

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