Back in the 80s and 90s, Film Threat was the name of a fanzine covering indie films….but like a lot of specialty magazines that don’t have blonde stars on the cover or makeup tips, it bit the dust. The end of the magazine, however, didn’t mean the end of Film Threat… could say it ascended into a higher plane of existence. Instead of writing about indie films, today’s Film Threat will distribute them!

Yes, Film Threat has been reborn as a movie distribution company, and the first film they’ll be publishing, The Theta Girl, was announced at SDCC.

THE THETA GIRL follows the trials and tribulations of young drug-dealer, Gayce Delko, and the hallucinogen she peddles. “Theta” was a “fun drug” — a drug that blew people’s minds. Theta was supposed to be a door to Heaven, but when her best friends get methodically and brutally murdered, Gayce realizes theta might also be a door to Hell — and it’s up to her to shut it.

The Theta Girl is about as indie as an indie film can get. It was the first film for the majority of the cast and crew, and it was made for just $14,000. Film Threat’s Chris Gore said at SDCC that this movie “warped my mind” and added, “It’s the type of film you would expect from us. Our plans are to disrupt the current distribution model by putting power back into the hands of filmmakers using the vast audience we’ve built over 30 years. Hold onto your seats, there’s a lot more coming.”

The Theta Girl will be released September 18th, 2018. In the months ahead, watch for more grungy, gritty indie flicks from Film Threat.