There was a lot of news and reveals at San Diego Comic-Con in the Walking Dead universe. Not the least of which is the departure of Andrew Lincoln from the main show. But, Fear The Walking Dead was also there, and they had their own things to talk about with Season 4B. The cast sat down and answered some very big questions about the half season.

For example, what’s the theme of it?

“I think there’s a few, we talked at the panel a bit about the end of the first half of the season ended with these characters sitting around a campfire brought together by circumstances they couldn’t imagine,” Ian Goldberg said. “There’s a lot to resolve, both within themselves, within the group, questions of who are they to each other, who will they be going forward, how will they carry on Madison’s legacy of hope, how will they bring light into this dark world. And I think redemption is a really big theme in the back half.”

Are there are any future crossovers planned? Or are they ruled out?

“It does not,” Scott Gimple said. “That’s about all I got to say. It does not but I wouldn’t expect it all the time. Things could happen. You never know who might pop up on Fear the Walking Dead. That includes The Walking Dead and potentially people in the past from Fear the Walking Dead.”

Differences between filming the main show versus Fear The Walking Dead?

“Both shows are very unique and being around from the very beginning…creating and just watching the shows uniquely go through their process of evolving. This was a unique and different kind of story for me because we were trying to reinvent and take the show to another place and a giant time jump. When this was offered to me there were al to of things I couldn’t say no to. … Also, knowing from the very beginning what they were gonna go through… This has been probably the greatest years of my life and one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. … I’ll tel you what, what we’ve done together and what we’ve created ….”

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