It should go without saying that Black Panther had a big effect on the box office this year. From its 200+ million dollar opening, to the rise of the character and his nation of Wakanda as a pop culture reference point, the movie was big. And Marvel is aiming to capitalize on it in every way possible. And at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel revealed an upcoming animated series starring T’Challa called Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest. What’s more, they gave a trailer and a behind-the-scenes video for the series.

Here’s the sneak peek for it:

As you can see, the visual style is very reminiscent of the Avengers cartoons that have been going on Disney XD over the last few years, of which Black Panther has been a major cast member of. But this time, Wakanda and Black Panther will be the focus.

At present, there are only two characters confirmed for the series main cast, T’Challa, who will be played by James Mathis III, and then Shuri (T’Challa’s sister), played by Daisey Lightfoot. Syfy Wire did a very special interview with them at the Con, and you can check out what they have to say about the series below.

Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest arrives on Disney XD on September 23rd.