Sci-Fi Strategy Game Cantata Comes To Steam


Indie game publisher Modern Wolf and developer Afterschool Studio have announced the launch of their turn-based tactics game Cantata on Steam. The game is currently in Early Access form and has not fully reached completion, but contains the first three chapters (with more to come).

You’re commanding one of several different factions on the planet Shoal. Everyone wants as much territory as they can get, so you’ll be employing the best strategies you can think of to expand your area while defending the territory you currently have.

But it’s not just rival factions you have to worry about…it’s the planet itself. Shoal isn’t exactly friendly to humans — the weather can get fierce, the plants and animals can get deadly, and you never know what nature will throw at you next. But you’re got nine playable commanding officers to pick from…domination or failure is all in how you play.

Cantata will be 20% off on Steam for its launch week, along with every other game Modern Wolf currently publishes. Here’s a handy list they passed along…