Isn’t civilization wondrous? The UPS man delivers your packages straight to your porch without your lifting a finger. The Uber driver takes you wherever you want to go. The restaurant waitress takes your order and the unseen cook, despite not knowing who you are, whips up an amazing meal for you. There’s just ONE catch to all this…no one’s exempt. YOU have to do something for someone ELSE.

In fact, the majority of us will have to spend a solid chunk of our lives following orders given by other people, whether we like it or not, and in many cases they may not deserve our servitude. There’s a certain desire that inevitably bubbles up. It’s counterproductive, it will get you fired, but don’t you wish you could just for once say NO?

Someone’s taking that desire and making a game out of it. Swedish developer Studio Fizbin is teaming up with publisher Thunderful to create Say No! More, a tale of interactive rebellion. You’re an intern in an office building filled with pushy, demanding people, and you can’t take one more minute…so you start saying NO, with such force that bodies are knocked back and papers are scattered throughout the halls. You play the entire game using just one button, which makes you yell.

  • Charge your No! for bigger effect!
  • Make friends in your lunchbreak!
  • Laugh out loud because this game is very funny!
  • Irritate your colleagues!
    • Laugh at them!
    • Clap at them!
    • Hmmm at them!
  • Make them feel you listen to them, but sarcastically!
  • Say No! in many different languages!
  • Customize your character!
  • Fight mean colleagues, supervisors and bosses!

The revolution begins in the summer of 2020 when Say No! More is released for Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile.