Capcom releases a teaser for the Netflix Original Resident evil Infinite Dark. This project is the 4th Canonical CGI Resident Evil movie after Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta.

Resident Evil VII and Resident evil VIllage (Resident evil 8) have complaints that they ignored forgotten Resident evil characters and also threw away main heroes like Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Claire Redfield. Resident Evil VII and VIllage do have the presence of the original Male Protagonist Chris Redfield, but many fans are sick of Him because he appeared in 4 sequels in a row. He is only a support character in 7 and an antagonist in 8.

The main character of 7 and 8 is Ethan Winters. Both games are successful, but fans don’t connect with Ethan because he lacks personality.

Many fans wanted to know what happened to Jill Valentine because her last game appearance is a Remake. Her last canonical appearance in Resident Evil 5, where she is only a support and Resident Evil Revelations. Revelations is a midquel. Jill Has no new participation in the most recent canon since 2005. There are no signs that Jill will be on this project, but fans are still hoping.

Resident evil Infinite Dark must a consolation for the fans of the characters who got retired in favor of Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield. Some fans wanted a closure between Leon and Ada because they have a roller-coaster romance.

Claire’s storyline already has closure for Resident evil revelations 2. The remake of Resident evil 2 reignited her popularity.

The trailer shows Claire Redfield exploring a very dark building with a flashlight and a gun. Claire’s character Model looks closer to her Resident Evil Revelations 2 appearance. Then a zombie is shown about to attack a young man, but he got saved by Leon Kennedy who looks like his Resident evil 6 incarnation.

There have been rumors about a Live action Resident evil series on Netflix, but that series is closer to the Paul Anderson movies than the canonical videogames.