S.O.L. Search of Light Coming To Consoles And PC


Discover S.O.L. Search of Light, a new tower defense game by Trigger the Monster, launching on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC this spring.

In real life, when you get in a bad situation, people say you’re S.O.L. But according to a new video game announced for consoles and PC this spring, S.O.L. stands for “Search of Light.” The game was developed by Trigger the Monster (love this studio name) and published by Firenut Games.

The protagonist of this tower defense game, a nameless figure known only as The Foreigner, is certainly S.O.L. (traditional definition) as hordes of enemies are attacking the base he needs to defend. His tower is also located deep underground, so he’s S.O.L. (game definition) as he needs light to see what he’s doing.

The Foreigner’s resources include an army of robots that will obey his commands — and yours. Use them to explore the caves surrounding your base to gather resources that will fortify your defenses the next time the hordes come knocking. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to ascend upward and build even mightier bases…might you actually see the light of the sun?

S.O.L. Search of Light will launch later this spring on Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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