This fall is set to see a big update for Rocket League which will include plenty of new content and features for players across all platforms. Perhaps the most requested is the ability to switch transparent goalposts on or off depending on preference for those who do not want to use the opaque models anymore.

One of the biggest additions that will come in the patch if support for cross-platform parties. Introducing a new friends system which will combine all of a player’s accounts from their various different services such as Xbox Live and Steam into one list. This will then allow people to party up with and play with their friends across different platforms. Unfortunately, the new feature will only be introduced this October in the form of a PC-only beta test but should arrive on home consoles early next year.

Another new feature will be that the Season Reward for the latest season will not be a car-specific item but rather an animated banner similar to those in Call of Duty. This will show up under your name on the main menu and to other players whenever you score a goal. The higher the rank, the more over-the-top the banner will be to show off your accomplishments.

As well as removing alternate maps from online play and sticking to standardized versions, the developers are also introducing seasonal arenas. These will incorporate extra items and objects that reflect the time of year, with the first being a rural farmstead map that includes farm animals such as cows. This will be in addition to some 90 new items that will be freely available for everyone.

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