While E3 2018 may be long into the past, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more game conventions, especially for the indie crowd. The month of August brings Gamescom, and with it, many companies are aiming to show off more of their titles. This includes Goblinz Studio, who are the creators of the game Robothorium. And they plan to use Gamescom as the conduit to show off more gameplay footage about their title.

In fact, the team are inviting press and media people to their booth at the show to play their game, and if they do, they’ll get a “goodie bag” as a reward.

In Robothorium, you lead a force of robots towards their future, and destroy the opposition as they get in your way. The game is meant to be played as uniquely as the people who play them, and that’s what the team hopes to show at Gamescom.

“In Robothorium everyone has their own way of winning a game. In this new Rogue like RPG it allows you to play as an artificial intelligence designed to lead a robotic revolution and we want people to get involved in their own revolution, and you will get tons of possibilities to achieve your goal and not with just one meta. Come meet us and see and play Robothorium @ our stand at Gamescom.” JOAHNN VERBROUCHT – Founder Goblinz Studio.

Gamescom is the 21st-25th.