Keep your eyes on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for a new character. Introduced as the third addition to the Season Pass, Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII is now playable in the fighter.

If you’re thinking “What’s Rinoa going to do, hug my enemies to death?” you clearly never finished the game. As revealed during the events of Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa is actually (SPOILERS) a Sorceress. Only problem is, that revelation happened late in the game and it seems like she didn’t even know, so we never really got to see her do anything powerful.

But when you use Rinoa in the game, she can utilize her EX Skill “Angel Wing” to go into full-on Sorceress mode, blasting her targets with powerful magic. There’s a tradeoff, though….if she could do this all the time she’d break the game’s difficulty, so as long as you use Rinoa in Angel Wing form, her HP will constantly drain. It’s not like Rinoa is completely defenseless without that form — she has an attack dog, remember?

If you don’t have the Season Pass and you don’t care about the other characters in it, you can buy Rinoa separately — otherwise she’s the third character after Vayne from Final Fantasy XII and Locke from Final Fantasy VI. Three more characters will be revealed soon.