Gamers who go out to buy Ridge Racer for the PlayStation Vita tomorrow will find a rather large day 1 patch to download.

Ridge Racer players who wish to play online when they purchase the game tomorrow will have to download a 299MB patch from the Live Area of the game.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Restricted access to PlayStation Network for underage users

Update details: Subaccounts with an age of 9 or younger cannot access PlayStation Network features.

  • Updated lobby search functionality

Update details: Lobbies in Online Battle with user cannot be matched with NAT issues, etc., have been removed from the lobby search results.

  • Fixed Nitrous Absorb Glitch

Nitrous Absorb will not function against ghosts displayed in Time Attack.

  • Stabilized Frame Rate

Update Details: improved frame rate stability during races.

  • Various additional graphic tweaks and bug fixes

While Ridge Racer has received several negative reviews upon its Japanese release, not many outlets have had the chance to review it in North America yet. It’ll be interesting to see whether the patch will improve the overall game experience.

Ridge Racer will be available tomorrow exclusively on for the PlayStation Vita.


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