Czech indie studio Contra Concept is about to introduce their new game Ricky Runner to the world. It’s early enough that we don’t have a trailer to bring you, but we at least have images and a description.

Ricky Runner: Superboot Cup is a SuperBoot Racing / hardcore parkour platformer in fully physics-based world, created by ex-animator of Witcher 3 & Quantum Break and ex-programmer of Mafia 2 & DayZ. The gameplay puts heavy emphasis on player freedom, choice and online competition.

Ricky puts on superboots that enhance his abilities, and enters levels that resemble a massive maze — there are five core sections, each with different environments stuffed with puzzles, platforming challenges and obstacles to overcome as quickly as you can.

During the Early Access period, the dev team will be adding features as they are completed. In the coming weeks and months Ricky Runner will gain ghost racing, multiplayer modes and a level editor. Upon release, the game will be a solo affair, but that will change.

Want to try Ricky Runner out? There’s a public build of the game available on Contra Concept’s Discord channel. Try it out and see what you think. Ricky Runner enters Early Access November 29.