Despite being Adult Swim’s biggest hit, Rick and Morty hasn’t run a new episode since October 2017. Where have that twisted sociopath and his grandson been hiding? No one knows, but they stepped out of the black void today to reveal their date of return.

The show suffered a PR disaster last season when a few of Rick’s devoted fans took his desire for discontinued chicken nugget sauce a little TOO seriously and rampaged through McDonalds outlets when they couldn’t find any. Despite the stigma associated with that event, Rick and Morty continue to sell, plastered all over T-shirts and posters and any product you can name.

Though it seems like every hiatus between seasons is longer than the one before it, this gap shouldn’t be repeated, at least not for a while. Harmon and Roiland needed the extra time to hammer out a solid renewal deal, and they got it: Rick and Morty is guaranteed to run another 70 episodes.

The only question is how many of those episodes this upcoming season will be comprised of. It’s very implausible they have 70 ready to go. Adult Swim hasn’t revealed the number, but our assumption is the usual 10 to 12.

New episodes of Rick and Morty begin November 2017 on Adult Swim. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! (….does he still say that?)