Resident Evil Villains who are still alive and out of the open (spoilers alert)


Resident Evil Villains usually have a short lifespan because they die on the game where they debut. The Longest Running villain in the franchise is Albert Wesker. That guy who wears shades in the dark appeared in at least four mainline games before his final demise inside a Volcano. Oswald Spencer may also count because fans read files about him throughout the series until Albert killed him.

Fans got disappointed in how most Resident Evil villains become expendable as they die after their debut.

Capcom missed the opportunity to milk the popularity of Lady Demetrescu by killing her off on the first quarter of Resident Evil Village.

These Resident Evil villains are the exception who is still alive and waiting to strike back!

Alex Wesker

This Resident Evil Villain has one objective, and it is to transcend.

It doesn’t matter if you finish Revelations 2 with the Good ending or the Bad Ending; Alex wins either way. She transferred her consciousness to the body of the Terragrigia Survivor, Natalia Korda. Natalia was only 1o during 2012. She is an Adult now, so Alex can execute her revenge while waiting to become an adult again. I worry for the Burton family because they are adopted her.


Jessica Sherawat

I cannot take the fashion choices of this Traitorous spy seriously, but she accomplished her mission. She failed her different attempts of seducing Chris Redfield, but she can retrieve the samples of the T-Abyss virus and sell them to Tricell. She was never heard or seen again, but this BSAA traitor never paid for her crimes.

Nicholai Ginovaef

She is Jill Valentine’s only surviving arch enemy. This Russian Mercenary is the superior human foe the Master of Unlocking dealt with during the Raccoon City incident. Fans had been requesting for Capcom to make Jill a main character again. Unlike Chris, who overstayed his welcome, Jill has one unfinished Business.