Resident Evil: Project W finally revealed by Dead by Daylight!


Resident Evil: Project W is the second collaboration of Behavior entertainment with Capcom’s Resident evil! In his Resident Evil 5 incarnation, Albert Wesker will be the killer. He will go with the moniker, The Mastermind.


Fans are going to get two Survivors for this chapter. Ada Wong’s incarnation in the Resident Evil 2 remake and Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil Zero and one will be the Survivors. Wesker uses the Power of Ouroboros and a knife as his weapons.

Albert Wesker’s likeness is based on Resident Evil 5, and his Resident Evil 5 model is Ken Lally. I don’t know who his voice actor will be, but he sounded like Wesker’s long-time voice actor D.C Douglas.

Ada Wong has her Resident Evil 2 remake incarnation designed after the model Adrianna. Leon Kennedy players can now team up with his eternal love interest.

Rebecca Chambers used her Resident Evil Zero design, So she modeled after the Japanese Popstar Ayumi Hamazaki again.

Resident Evil: Project W Trailer

Wesker will be the second vocal English-speaking Killer since the Hellraiser. He is more of a Supervillain than a horror character as he might use Martial arts maneuvers to attack Survivors as he did in RE Games.
The New Trailer is a continuation of the first one. Meg miraculously survived the attack from Nemesis. Meg and Rebecca find refuge inside the R.P.D. Being the Passionate medic she is, She tries to heal her, but only for our friendly Neighborhood. Wesker makes his entrance. Ada Wong will come to the rescue and Barricaded Wesker with a pallet.
So What is Wesker’s relationship with these two women? Wesker was the former Captain of S.T.A.R.S., an elite group of cops trained to Rescue people. Rebecca was a rookie who used to work for him until he betrayed the whole team because he works with Umbrella. Ada was a Spy who used to work with Wesker; they had crossed each other many times. Ada Wong is an exciting choice of Survivor because she is morally gray, and most D.B.D. Survivors had been good people except for Yun jin. D.B.D. from Yun-Jin Lee.