Indiecan Entertainment is bringing the sci-fi comedy Red Rover to digital platforms next month.

Damon is a lonely geologist who feels his life lacks meaning. The only thrills he gets are his daily walks along the beach with his metal detector (he rarely finds anything). If only he could find his true purpose….suddenly, IT finds HIM, and it’s wearing an astronaut suit.

The person in the suit turns out to be Phoebe, a quirky musician handing out flyers promoting a one-way trip to Mars. You’d have to be crazy to sign up for such a mission….or just looking for a purpose. Damon puts his name in, and spends the next few weeks training with Phoebe…but when they start falling for each other, he wonders if his eagerness to escape Earth was too hasty.

Red Rover stars Kristian Bruun (Ready or Not), Cara Gee (The Expanse), Meghan Heffern (“Wynonna Earp”), and Anna Hopkins (“The Expanse”). It was directed by Shane Helcourt, and it’ll be blasting onto digital platforms May 12 from Indiecan Entertainment.

Damon (Kristian Bruun) spends his waking hours searching for that elusive something. Whether it’s for deeper meaning, love, or just “treasure” on the beach with his metal detector, but to no avail. So when Damon meets an offbeat musician named Phoebe (Cara Gee) handing out flyers for a one way trip to Mars, a bond quickly forms. She’s going to help him find that thing he is looking for by sending him 33.9 million miles away, even though what he needs might be right in front of him.

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