It’s a well known fact that no two directors are exactly the same. They each want to make a movie in their own way, with their own vision and personal touches. True, they have to conform to a degree to the wills of the studio to an extent, but they’re allowed a lot of freedom with how the movie is made, for better or for worse.

Well, with the upcoming DC Comics/Warner Bros. Wonder Woman movie…they really couldn’t find a middle ground with Michelle MacLaren, who was meant to be the director. This was really curious, as they seemed to have the perfect director for their film.

Now though, we understand why it’s happened. According to Variety, and their sources inside the studio, MacLaren’s view of what the Wonder Woman movie should be, and the studios vision were very different. The former wanted a large scale origin story in the vein of Braveheart (but probably with two hours of film instead of four), whereas the studio wanted a more character driven story with a little less focus on action. When the two couldn’t balance out their ideas, they parted ways.

Also, it appears that MacLaren’s inexperience with making films also led to her departure, as she was mainly experienced in TV shows, albeit very good TV shows.

So, is DC/WB right in wanting a more character driven movie, rather than a high-intensity action one? Well, for me, I think they are. It would be wrong for Wonder Woman to come off as a brutal amazon and nothing else (not saying that’s how MacLaren’s would’ve been, just making a statement based on what I know) because she is so much more than that.

When I think of Wonder Woman, I think of the Justice League cartoon, where she was a warrior born, but a person of great love and compassion, which she showed nearly every time on screen. True, she was still fiery and passionate, but cared dearly for the Earth and its inhabitants. That’s the kind of Wonder Woman I would like to see on screen.

Let’s hope that Patty Jenkins can give Wonder Woman the treatment she deserves.

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