Well looks like PS HOME is about to launch a special Beta. Today, Sony sent out some invites for a Special Beta that Home will be offering.

The invites are sent VIA Playstation network so check your PSN accounts on your PS3. Here’s info on the beta.

The Message Reads as followed:

“Dear Playstation Plus subscriber.
Because of your recent visit to Playstation Home you have been selected for a special Private Beta.
How to Acess:
(beta link)

Information on the Beta:

– Log Into Home and go to personal Space
-Press start> settings > Personal> Redocorate
-Select Private Beta Teleporter
Walk to Teleporter

followed by forum link.

Other changes:

New Hub have been reported added (No more loading screens or less) along with some new games.


  1. They actually started mailing them out a few weeks ago. I got the actual Home Pvt. BETA Invite 2 weeks ago. The teleporter is the ugliest and stupidest thing.. it looks like a flat bottom boat, no higher then my avatar’s knee.. and a few feet long…and it brings you too the Brand New FUTURE HOME, HUB, it’s gorgeous..some of the spaces are absolutyely gorgeous, active monorail above you boats moving and so much more!

  2. When you get into HOME, most will look the same, as that has been upgraded, but NOT to the level that you will see once you go “through the BETA Portal”….

    in case you dont know how, go to your Personal Space, open up the menu too ADD FURNITURE…then go to Appliances, select the ugly white teleporter…then when you place it, walk up to it and enjoy thr trip…when you arrive to the destination of your choice…when you go through, you will have to download each of the new “areas”, which should take 10 seconds once you arrive at your destination, make sure you look UP and out!

    see ya there!
    Eddie H
    PSN ID: Haskell420

    • The game in the center of the “Central Plaza” will probably be changing along the timeline as the standard one.

      PS: It says in the description the instructions to get in. Not to be rude.

      PSN: Nimrod-0

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