When the holiday season of 2020 rolls around, it will have been seven years since the last game console turnover. Feels like high time for another one, don’t you think? Microsoft was way ahead of you….they’ve been working on Project Scarlett for some time, and it should be ready in eighteen months.

Microsoft played a self-congratulatory video towards the end of their conference revealing the code name as well as some rehearsed thoughts about it. As expected, terminologies like “8K” and “Raytracing” were tossed around. No specific specs were given, but it’s supposed to be at least four times as powerful as the XBox One X, and it can spit out rendered graphics at a rate of 120 frames per second. Scarlett also has a solid state drive, but in the year of our Lord 2020, it BETTER have a solid state drive.

If Project Scarlett is to truly succeed, we’re gonna need GAMES. Fortunately, Microsoft is smart enough to launch Scarlett with a big one: Halo 6, or Halo Infinite. And unlike previous console reveals, they didn’t just show a logo and give a promise….they showed off cinema footage that is allegedly created with the engine being used for Halo Infinite itself.

Launching the new console with the next Halo sounds like a sure bet. Now we have to hope they don’t give it a stupid name like “Xbox One 1” or “XBox Everything.” As far as competition goes, Sony is hard at work on the Playstation 5, and though they haven’t revealed their launch window, it will probably appear around the same time. Sony is not at E3 this year, so we’ll have to await their braggart specs video in the next State of Play.