According to data from the National Purchase Diary (NPD) Group (via Venture Beat), the PlayStation 4 was the No. 1 selling console in the US for the month of January. In addition, the Xbox One, PlayStation and the new zombie-survival game Dying Light pushed total game sales in January past $625.7 million.

So far, the PlayStation 4 has sold over 18.5 million units since the console launched in November 2014 and 81.8 million software units worldwide. The good news for Sony PlayStation comes after the sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One console beat PlayStation 4 for the holiday shopping season in November and December last year surpassed (read more about that here). Considering that Xbox One had a promotional price drop last month, PlayStation 4 still winning out is very good news for Sony.

In addition, Polygon released a report of NPD data that paints a very interesting picture. According to the NPD, the combined hardware install base of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is almost 60 percent higher than the cumulative hardware totals for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at similar points in their life cycles after 15 months of release.

The NPD’s Liam Callahan said the NPD did account for the different launch dates for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, since PS3 was released in November 2006. The Xbox 360 was released a year earlier in November 2005. The report indicates that console gaming at the moment is growing faster than it did almost a decade ago, and the sales could go up when the consoles drop in price.

So while PlayStation 4 may have won the sales month for January, the install base for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being higher than the previous generation consoles at similar points after their respective launches is really great news for Sony and Microsoft. It is really great news for the industry in general.

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