The anticipated Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0 update has launched, and with it Piranha Plant has arrived — the first of the six DLC fighters, and temporarily free!

There’s been some confusion lately over how to secure a free Piranha Plant and when the deadline is. Well, you’ve got two days to figure it out. Nintendo decided to overlap the introduction of Piranha Plant with the January 31 cutoff date, so if you aren’t sure if you performed the right steps to qualify, just add the new patch. He’ll either be there or he won’t.

If he isn’t, go to the main menu and hit the + button while the Smash Bros. icon is selected. You’ll see an option involving Nintendo’s Gold Reward Points program; this is what qualifies you for the free Piranha Plant. You’ll want to hurry, as it’ll cost money to get him after the 31st.

Other new material has also been added to Smash Bros Ultimate. You now have the option of playing Spirit Board with up to four other players. When you select a Spirit to challenge, head to Party > Fighter and there should be an option for other fighters to sign in. Note: this is a local option only, and does not support the online feature. The other players must be in the room, oldschool style!

In addition, there are five new spirits to collect:

  • Partner Pikachu
  • Partner Eevee
  • Dice Block
  • River Survival
  • Golden Dash Mushroom

“Partner Pikachu” and “Partner Eevee” were previously only available if you had a Pokemon Let’s Go save on your Switch.

Lastly, the expected readjustment of all the fighters has taken place, and pretty much everyone was enhanced or nerfed in some manner. The list is long; browse it here.