Proportion Productions and Millman Productions.will be releasing their latest horror creation, Pet Graveyard, to disc-based and digital platforms this April.

Does April happen to be around the time the big-screen remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary comes out? You guessed correctly! Pet Graveyard, however, contains a few changes in its cemetery-based plot to make it just different enough.

In this movie, no one’s using a supernatural ritual to resurrect their dead kid. Instead they’re using a less glamorous ritual that involves slamming a plastic bag over one’s head until they suffocate, briefly die, and see their loved ones again. So instead of stealing from Pet Sematary, it actually steals from Flatliners. Go figure.

The Grim Reaper isn’t happy about what these kids are doing! And neither is his cat. Of course he has a pet — even the personification of death gets lonely sometimes. The cat stalks them with glowing red eyes, waiting for the opportunity to take their souls. What the movie lacks in originality, it gains in the exploitation of how creepy hairless cat breeds look.

Pet Graveyard stars Jessica O’Toole, David Cotter, Rita Siddiqui, Hindolo Koroma, Kate Milner-Evans, Georgina Jane, T’Jean Uter-Dinh, and Hattie Willow. It was written, produced and directed by a ton of people involved with other knockoffs: writer Rebecca J. Matthews (MOTHER KRAMPUS), producer Scott Jeffrey (THE BAD NUN), and executive produer Jeff Miller (THE TOYBOX, OUIJA HOUSE).

Pet Graveyard stalks you on little cat feet April 2.

PET GRAVEYARD concerns a group of friends tormented by the Grim Reaper and his sinister pet after they undergo an experiment that allows them to revisit the dead. The film marks the directorial debut of Rebecca J. Matthews (producer of MOTHER KRAMPUS), from a screenplay by Suzy Spade. Scott Jeffrey (THE BAD NUN) produces. Jeff Miller (THE TOYBOX, OUIJA HOUSE) is executive producer.