Last year Adult Swim brought back one of their earliest hits, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, for one night. The TV special generated high ratings for the channel, and thus, we have more. Variety has just confirmed Paget Brewster will be starring in Birdgirl, a spinoff of the 39-episode original.

By day, she’s Judy, daughter of maniacal CEO Phil Ken Sebben. By night (and also by day) she’s Harvey Birdman’s office assistant. But Birdgirl may have to put that latter job on hold as Phil is either too nuts to be trusted with anything, still the President of the United States, or both. She’s been named the new CEO of Sebben & Sebben, which has grown from its law firm days into one of the largest corporations on the planet.

This unfortunate turn of nepotism has Judy frantic. She now spends half her time managing the craziness at her company, and the other half of her time as Birdgirl repairing the damage her company caused under her watch. Brewster played Birdgirl / Judy in the original series.

This on top of the new Genndy Tartakovsky series… it just us or is AS feeling extra generous lately? It probably has a lot to do with the rumblings that Fox’s new overlords, The Walt Disney Company, want to withdraw the Animation Domination-borne programs like Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers from the Turner lineup and use them instead to boost channels they already own. Adult Swim has been using Fox cartoons to fill massive gaps in their schedule for nearly 15 years, while mostly coasting on cheaply-produced midnight originals. If they’re to survive the coming apocalypse, they must expand beyond the stoner market and get serious. These are times for Birdgirl!

A release window for the “Birdgirl” series has not yet been announced.

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