A new season of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 content has begun — if you’re using Playstation 4, that is. XBox and PC owners will have to wait about a month for what we’re about to discuss: Operation Apocalypse Z, the game’s new community event.

The biggest development? Zombies have burst out of their main mode and are now crawling everywhere! You’ll find them in the main Blackout map now. To deal with this new threat, try out Reaper, the new Specialist available in both Blackout and Multiplayer. He’s a robotic fighter with a two-handed minigun and the ability to scramble the minimaps of enemies.

Lots more has been added too; read the full bullet list:


  • New Blackout Updates – As the Zombie apocalypse has begun, sunny skies have departed in favour of something more un-deadly in the main Blackout map. Zombies have leeched most of the life from the landscape forcing the alive to take refuge and survive amongst a deep fog and familiar Zombies sights and sounds. Additionally, the Alcatraz map debuts a night-time atmospheric change complete with new Zombie enemies. Coming later in the Operation, brand-new Zombie-themed Blackout modes will also debut in the game, including Pandemic and Alcatraz Horde.
  • New Specialist – Available now in both Multiplayer and Blackout, Reaper makes his Black Ops 4 debut. Reaper is a cutting-edge combat robot with a robust fighting style wielding the Scythe, a high-powered, two-handed minigun unleashing heavy gunfire. This fan-favourite Specialist is also equipped with a Radar Shroud that prohibits enemies from using their minimap and deploys a scrambling device to block out areas on enemies’ minimap.
  • New Black Market Gear – The Black Market has been restocked with a variety of new Zombie-themed Specialist outfits and personalisation items, weapon camos and gestures for Operation Apocalypse Z. This includes new weapons like the Reaver C86 Crossbow, Black Ops III’s Argus Shotgun, Daemon 3XB Mastercraft, MOG 12 MKll and Vendetta MKll that players can acquire and master.
  • New Zombies Features Operation Apocalypse Z introduces new Perks and Elixirs across all Zombies maps, providing new variations on gameplay once they’re equipped and activated.

Details on the new multiplayer maps, Der Schatten, Remnant and Havana:

  • New Multiplayer Map, Der Schatten – A snowy map set in a village high in the Austrian Alps that sits in the shadows of the castle from the Aether story Zombies experience, “Der Eisendrache.” Combat takes place in a combination of bright and dark areas pushing player to fight in close quarters.
  • New Multiplayer Map, Remnant – A large-sized map set in the “The Museum of Unnatural History” deep in the Louisiana marshes where historical relics thirst for chaos and blood. Complete with a portal that can transport players to opposite sides of the map, Remnant is structed for mid-ranged combat where longer sightlines flank the exterior of the museum.
  • Remastered Multiplayer Map, Havana Reimagined from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, Havana is a medium-sized map set in a sunny Cuban city during the Cold War tensions. The map is designed in a Z-shape resulting in a combination of close and long-ranged firefights.

And Alpha Omega, the latest chapter in the Zombies saga:

  • New Zombies Experience, Alpha Omega Continuing the Aether storyline, Alpha Omega lets players jump in as the original, fan-favourite Zombies characters from both the Primis and Ultimis cast, playable together for the first time ever. This allows fans to gain new insight into the ever-twisting story as the timelines converge. Players will fight off hordes of new Zombie enemies, solve challenges, and discover new Easter eggs in a wild experience up to the very end.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.


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