Little Guy Games has announced that the atmospheric adventure The Last Sky is now available on Steam Early Access. Seamlessly combining 3D puzzles and 2D platforming with surreal scenes, The Last Sky takes players on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, while dealing with PTSD themes. The Last Sky features full controller support, an ethereal soundtrack, and impactful player choices.

In The Last Sky players will guide Jake, an ex-war pilot, through the cinematic landscape of his inner mind. By piecing together sentimental objects from around Jake’s home, players will witness narrated moments of Jake’s past, ranging from childhood to lost loves, and his life-changing decision to become a wartime pilot. As players progress through The Last Sky they’ll delve deeper into Jake’s mind and embark on dream-like platforming experiences where time, space, and reality meld together beautifully.

Players will face difficult moments in Jake’s past, including a victim from his time as a pilot during the war. As players guide Jake through unraveling difficult memories from his psyche, they’ll be faced with making impactful choices that will decide how far Jake is willing to go on his path to self-acceptance. Helping to guide players and Jake on the journey is Tarak – an enigmatic shaman that offers Jake advice through interactive dialogue.

Players can experience larger than life scenes set to a backdrop of an atmospheric soundtrack in The Last Sky on Steam Early Access beginning at 3 pm EST. To stay up to date on the future development of The Last Sky visit the official site here.

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