Over the weekend, Sony pulled the surprise introduction of a new PS4 Pro model — and then took it back just as quickly. Its guts are the same as any other PS4 Pro model, but it’s what it wears on the outside that counts.

If any of you remember the 90s (you BETTER remember the 90s), one hot trend of the age was see-through electronics. Video game consoles and handhelds were sometimes housed in clear plastic castings so you could peer inside to see the chips and wires. This practice fell out of fashion, and is only rarely seen today.

Nintendo was a large purveyor of the see-through gimmick during their N64 years…the closest thing they sell in this modern age is the Switch Pro Controller, which is sort of half-translucent. Sony never bought into the fad, though plenty of third-party Memory Cards for the Playstation did.

It took twenty years and four iterations, but we finally have a see-through Playstation…the downside is most of us will never see one in person. A few days ago Sony revealed a limited edition “500 Million Bundle” meant to celebrate 500,000,000 units sold across the Playstation line.

Within the bundle: a PS4 vertical stand and a PlayStation Camera, a stand for the camera, one controller….and the most GORGEOUS PS4 Pro ever. It’s a 2TB model with a translucent dark blue casing marked with copper trimmings. The machine lights up when turned on, illuminating its innards.

Alas, if you want one and you’re reading these words right now, it’s too late. The moment Sony put this model up for sale last Saturday, the entire inventory was sold in minutes. For you see, this is a LIMITED limited edition….just 50,000 units will ever exist.

Perhaps you and this PS4 Pro will cross paths at a gaming convention one of these days. Just be prepared to pay up.

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