The anthology movie One Night In October, coming in a few days from Wild Eye Releasing, will go on record as having the shortest plot description of any horror movie we’ve been handed around here. Just take a look:

On a single night in October, three stories interweave as three different groups face unimaginable horror.

That’s it. That’s all they gave us. And we have to wring 300 words out of this one sentence or the SEO gods will punish us. You wanna talk about horror? Here it is.

There IS a trailer available, but it’s equally as vague and it’s one minute long:

One Night In October is just one of several scary anthology movies to hit this fall, and it isn’t even the only one with a light description. We mentioned Morbid Stories a few days ago, which did not have a press release at all, and simply hinted that all of its shorts would be themed around an apocalyptic event.

There is also Holiday Hell, which uses as its bridging material a story about a woman who waits until the last minute to get her Christmas presents and, as karmic punishment, must get them from some creepy guy who hands her four cursed objects and tells her the dark stories behind each one. Holiday Hell stars Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Joel Murray (Hatchet), Jeff Bryan Davis (Killer Pad), Lisa Coronado (“Twin Peaks”), and Meagan Karimi-Naser (Dead West), and contains segments directed by Jeff Ferrell (Ghostlight), Jeremy Berg (The Invoking), Jeff Vigil and David Burns.

Holiday Hell will be available to view for free on TubiTV October 15, and One Night In October will come out for DVD and digital that same day.


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