Last month developer S-Game released Mad Crown, a roguelike RPG with mixed gameplay elements. You explore through dungeons using roguelike mechanics, but when you fall into combat with monsters, the screen switches to a turn-based system controlled by cards. By finding rare cards in the dungeons, you build up your arsenal and adapt better strategies. The titular crown, which gives off amazing power, is your ultimate goal.

Recently S-Game added Facebook integration to Mad Crown: if your friends are online, you can contact them through Facebook to resuscitate slain characters and get back lost items. But starting now you can not only play Mad Crown, but listen to it as well.

S-Game has released the official soundtrack….but not on CD or iTunes, or even sites like Bandcamp. They’ve uploaded the uncut music tracks to YouTube, so anyone can listen for free. Isn’t that nice of them?

  • Roguelike elements: Initial level zero setting, penalties for player death, inventory management, survival mechanics.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons
  • In-depth tactical turn-based combat.
  • Card deck system: use items and ability cards inside and outside of combat to your tactical advantage.
  • Vivid art style and scored soundtrack.
  • Adventurers reciprocal rescue! Adventurers can work together to rescue one another
    • If you die other adventurers can reach out to and help retrieve all lost items
    • Join a rescue team to help other adventurers killed in the Ruins and win respect and rewards
  • Witty monster character mechanics.
  • Large enemy variety with multiple strategies.
  • 10 available characters classes.
  • Over 200 items to suit out your party.
  • Challenging levels and special modes

Mad Crown retails for $9.99 on Steam.