To help celebrate the grand opening of GhostX Ultimate, an “Occupy Wall Street” style of event is being held for three weekends in November. In the game’s world, Ghost Corporation has infiltrated Soul City and gamers have to fight back the company’s influence in order to retake their city.

“It’s a lucky coincidence that the game’s setting is in a modern metropolis,” said GM Maurissio. “This allowed us to take the evil leaders of Ghost Corporation and link it up to the growing movement of Occupy Wall Street protests. While people play our game mostly to have fun and be entertained, it’s also a great chance to develop international friendships with other gamers. We hope that organizing the event around the real-world theme of Occupy Wall Street will get some gamers to become curious about the origins of the movement and develop a consciousness about social justice issues around the world.”

At random times during several November weekends, a Ghost Corporation Boss will appear in the heart of Shopping Town. These bosses are very strong and need the effort of dozens of gamers to occupy and unite in order to rid their town of this otherworldly influence.

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