Not every horror movie needs a supernatural creature or a hellish dimension to be frightening. The German film A Young Man With High Potential, released on VOD this week with English subtitles, plucks its terror straight from real life.

As the title says, Piet is a college student who receives brilliant grades and high praise from his teachers. He is also socially withdrawn and isn’t sure how to handle it. One week he’s given a group assignment and partnered with an attractive classmate named Klara…..and you’ve read the news stories about incels, so you know where this is going.

Piet develops an unrequited crush on Klara and becomes determined to make her his whether she likes it or not. Suffice to say this isn’t recommended viewing for anyone who has actually gone through this. An attempted roofie rape DOES occur in the film and when that fails, Piet attempts murder. Fair warning; this isn’t for everyone.

A Young Man With High Potential stars Adam Ild Rohweder as Piet and Paulina Galazka as Klara. Amanda Plummer (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pulp Fiction) is also in the film. It was directed by Linus de Paoli, and it is now available on VOD platforms including Amazon, Google Play, XBox and Vudu.