There are a lot of simulation games out there, but have you ever seen a newsroom sim before? Not For Broadcast is the name of a somewhat inaccurate portrayal of the 1980s news media business, from developer NotGames and publisher TinyBuild.

Have no video editing experience, you say? Well, neither does the guy you’re playing as, so the game accounts for it. The faceless character you portray works as the janitor, but due to dire circumstances, has been given the master controls. YOU control the news — which could be either good or bad.

With the nation sliding into dystopia and rebellion in the air, what the masses see on the tube is going to be what most of them believe. You’ve got a heavy responsibility on your shoulders, but you also have to keep your advertisers pleased and the more prudish couch potatoes from fainting (that’s what the censor button is for). Edit the news with caution, but be quick about it — there is always an omnipresent countdown to the next airdate.

  • Newsroom simulator set in an alternate dystopian 1980s.
  • Frame the picture and edit the broadcast to entertain the public
  • Hand-pick the headlines —  the public image of your subjects is in your hands
  • Don’t forget to beep out the swear words!
  • Watch your bank balance soar or dive based on what advertisements you run
  • Enjoy the absurdity around you and the signature British humor

Not For Broadcast is not for television, but for Steam — you’ll be able to play it starting December 11.

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